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Leap from Attendees to Participants

So as the dust from all the exhibitions settles down, there comes a time when we analyze and measure the impact of our exhibition marketing. Marking that time; we also dig deeper into our personal and growth of industry in the time. All the experts delve in finding how industry has revolutionized and given their expert opinion on it further. Now when we look into the exhibition arena, we skip noticing how all the people who used to attend the events have transformed into being participants of the events. This necessarily does not imply that now everyone is an exhibitor. This derives out the fact that every visitor in the exhibition has now gone up a pedestal to now become a participant. Now the scenario is not limited where the visitor would be bound go to the event just for the business. Instead, now it has become a common sight for the visitors to be making connections and developing a friendly bond with the exhibitors. Here are 5 ways we can adopt to support this leap:

1. Peer to Peer Bonds: Going a step ahead and making peer to peer connections within the industry shows your maturity towards the industry. Even though you still keep the competitive spirit in full stride, you believe in the concept of learning from peers. Several individuals attend the exhibition to grow their knowledge base about the industry. If at this crucial time of learning, someone helps you through with decent industry experience, it means so much to the attendee. But please do not consider this as he/she is indebted you for a lifetime. Ensure that this is a genuine act of kindness.

2. VIP Concept Off Charts: Nowadays nobody believes in the concept of VIP. Everyone remains at the ground level and raises their standards as soon as they realize the heat of the situation is rising. VIP culture lost its meaning in exhibitions since past half a decade and from the time that young faces have started to appear in the industry. New young people are always open to change, and they achieve that perfection genuinely.

3. Crowd streaming: This concept as has opened the doors of social media also propagates the concept of opening up. When people open up to each other and discuss things, they automatically seize to being just attendees and are participative in the discussions, forums, seminars, and conferences. With the advent of crowd streaming now, we have developed a clear strategy to share the world of knowledge with our peers.

4. Hierarchy Levels: Now the designations like CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, CISOs and others have come down to casual approach and outlook. With the growing trend of entrepreneurship, young CEOs are coming to the industry. These designations now function to make the company grow instead of being just about the power. When visiting a trade show, a CEO does consult with his marketing team about how to go about the process and manage the results and impacts with them.

5. Experimentation: This new culture of active participation is taking over the industry because we are willing to experiment without sticking to conventional modes of exhibiting. Go ahead and adopt the social media for participation. Along with that, one must create live demos, polls, walk through and ensure that the participant is engaged and does not feel drained out during the exhibition.


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