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4 Reasons Why Trade Shows will Never Die to Social Media

If we take a good look around, we will find social media is taking the world by storm. It poses a reality that makes us believe technology is unstoppable. The brimming new interactive tools have enhanced the business strategies of brands.

Will revolutionary advancements and developments in the technology realm put an end on the infamous face-to-face marketing weapon? Would trade shows no longer be a trusted mode of business branding?

Well, I think this is just a wild guess. If we think over the virtue of trade shows, we can easily say it will not die down in this digitally-empowered world. The viability of glorious trade show will not lose its sheen even though social media is fast coming to be a multi-purpose technique. We see top-notch brands and industries using trade show for indulging in engaging human interactions, making new relationships and strengthening the old ties. Marketers out there favor this potent offline medium and are in no mood to call it a day as long as it continues to serve their purpose.

Here are four reasons why trade shows will never die to social media.

  • Irreplaceable, fantastic face-to-face marketing


We know online marketing is more like clandestine branding; it has the potential to take your business to unimaginative heights or break it down. There is always an unseen sense of distrust that end-users feel. There is unignorably a lack of credibility that leaves the customers bewildered.

But things are better with offline marketing at trade shows. Brands have the power to showcase the real product and its dimensions to the prospects at that moment itself. Exhibitors and attendees appreciate the aura of realism; the signature of trade shows. Exhibiting industries of various business segments indulge in engaging real-time conversations with the visitors from the nooks and corner of the world. The assuring smile and the firm handshakes go beyond the show with the attendees.

  • Exposure at the flip of coin


For exhibitors, a trade show is a magnificent platform to interact with the industry veterans, policy makers and buyers with the purchasing power. It gives businesses a compelling opportunity to unveil the capabilities of their novel products and services on a common stage. Through the interaction, the brands register their imprint on visitors’ ocular sight in the exact moment. Even those with regards for e-marketing choose trade show for branding their products/services.

So, the exhibitors having a well-conceptualized booth get more ocular appreciation from the attendees. The attendees feel more connected to the booth manned by the competent sales team. There is a broader exposure of products and services to various attendees. A trade show is a boon for exhibitor’s business for spotlight and networking. If you do it right, the next big thing that happens with an exhibitor is the delight of having more leads and sales.

  • Sign of trust and credibility


“Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who with their soul encourages another person to be brave and true.”- Charles Dickens

Trust is the essence of every relationship. When a consumer invests in your product or service, they believe it will bring a positive change in their lives. Trade shows are a sign of trust and credibility that capitulates your business at the top. It is not some guesswork, but a hardcore reality. It gives the prospects a firsthand sense of your brand values, authenticity, unique value proposition and perspective. The empowered and aware consumers attend trade shows because they get to talk to the human.

The face-to-face interaction in trade shows gives you an invaluable opportunity to put your prospects in a comfort zone, fill in the gap between their needs and your capability to fulfill those expectations and make them feel the care culture of your brand. So, listen to your customers, and engage with them in honest and transparent interactions

  • Long lasting relationship


What do you think of online marketing if you compare it to trade show when it comes to relationship building? Do you think it is more viable than the online marketing techniques?

The answer is trade shows deliver far-reaching effect when it comes to relationship building. It is by far the most credible gain a brand can take a grip on through branding at trade shows.

Organizations train their sales team to interact with event attendees. They build a relationship with the attendees which later results in as a long-term association and mutual benefits. Trade show floor offers the brand an opportunity for conducting a one-on-one meeting with the new prospects and rejuvenate the relationship with their existing customers. Connections made in trade shows are not ephemeral if taken care of. The fond memories of the show with your brand nurture your relationship with your prospects and make it an ever-lasting relationship.


Face to face works. Technology is undeniably propagating a deep change in trade shows. It is not substituting trade shows but complementing them. Brands are making a real adoption of the novel technologies. Trade show marketers are intelligently leveraging the power of digital tools to augment the brand experiences of attendees on the show floor.

Do you still believe social media is a threat to trade shows? You can share your thoughts in the comment box and let us know your feedback on the topic.


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