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All set to leave their mark at Dubai Airshow 2017 with majestic exhibits

“An exhibit is worth a thousand words.”

Dubai Airshow 2017, the premier trade show in the aerospace industry is just a couple of months away from its inception. Being one of the most established defense trade shows, Dubai Airshow 2017 is a platform to showcase the recent developments in the aviation and defense realm. The exhibition is the perfect amalgamation of the strategic conferences and wartime displays.

With exhibitors from the nooks and corners of the world coming together to attend this exhibition, it has become a name synonymous with grandeur in the defense trade show industry.

Once again XS Worldwide is ready to surpass the attendees with its bespoke exhibits at Dubai Airshow 2017. The exhibit house has been a consistent service provider to the various exhibitors in Dubai Airshow with its novel trade show solutions for more than two decades now.

With their distinct approach and resolution, XS Worldwide engineers exhibits’ that reflect the reliability and value of their clients. They not only ensure to elevate their clients with a unique design but also conceptualize and execute a layout that represents the ideals that the company holds.

With a firm belief in the potency of human interaction in marketing, XS Worldwide constructs a stand that brings maximum engagement from the attendees. Over the years they’ve strengthened the brand value of their clients with:

  • Concepts encompassing all the specifications.
  • Imaginative designs and solutions.
  • Matchless presence on the show floor among competitors.
  • A booth that leaves an indelible impression.
  • An exhibit that mirrors their client’s promises.


Dubai Airshow 2017 is scheduled to start from 12th November 2017. Wish you all a successful participation!


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