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Why is a Live Coverage App beneficial for your brand at the next event?


Live coverage and streaming apps help you connect with prospects. Only a few out of your entire target market will be present in the event. The apps help bridge this gap. Moreover, it adds a human element to your brand in the digital sphere.

Therefore, it’s important that you use Periscope, Facebook Live, Livestream and other such apps to your advantage.  Here’s what these apps can do for your brand, if strategically used:

The social media giants will promote your content

Social media platforms such as Periscope for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook promote live videos. As it is, the video content is promoted more often than that based on just text or pictures. Social giants intend to make live videos the next big thing and your live feed is more likely to reach a larger audience if you utilise the feature. Push notifications are sent to your subscribers and your chance of engaging with them is much higher.

Connect with those who are not at the event

By streaming meaningful content in the online world, you can easily reach out to those who have given the event a miss. They may not be there in person but that shouldn’t deter you from reaching out to them, wherever they are. If they comment, be prepared to respond. Responses, especially verbal, will lead to a spontaneous conversation, thereby making you more relatable.

A dynamic experience

Corporate videos do help, but they are not as intimate; the audiences want to see through your eyes and gain access to rich, tangible content. That’s exactly what live streaming apps let you do, give the audiences what they want.  A couple of well-written articles may do the trick, but with live coverage, you get to “teleport” the audiences and make them witness some behind-the-scenes action.

Lure them with limited time offers

Make them an offer they cannot refuse. Ask them to do a task for you and reward them in return.

If you want the audiences to act swiftly, make sure that the information exchange is just as quick.

With a myriad of options at your disposal, you can easily urge people to checkout all ongoing offers and discounts, especially the ones rolled out only for the event, and convert them into paid customers.

The next-gen way of sharing content

While presentations let one person lecture to a passive room, live coverage is real time – the audiences gain control, maybe not as much as you do, but they get engaged. Live streaming lets them be a part of Q&A sessions and even give instantaneous feedback, making them a part of your brand.  The people behind your brand get to interact with the audiences sooner than what it would take them to reach out with short films, news articles or press releases or even blogs.

Using these apps is a good idea if your aim is to create an instant buzz around any product or service that you might be promoting. Some shaky mobile phone footage that you plan to upload on YouTube would not be as effective as an event, let’s say, streamed on Periscope.



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