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Top 5 Picturesque Exhibition Venues Across The Globe That’ll Sweep You Off Your Feet!

Exhibition centers come in various shapes and sizes, like literally. While some are just plain and uninspiring, often reeking of dullness, and built with the only motive of fitting in the maximum number of guests, others are architectural wonders. They act as magnets – attracting people from all the world, and making them swoon with their aesthetic yet practical designs. Some even go on to become an integral part of the city’s skyline.

Here are Five Such Picturesque Exhibition Centers:

1. Koln Messegelande, Cologne, Germany  


Image Source: koelnmesse

Those from the F&B industry just can’t miss Koln Messegelande, because that’s where Anuga, one of the world’s largest and most important food and beverage fairs, is held every second year. The international trade fair and exhibition centre, located in Cologne, Northern Germany, hosts around 75 such major fairs, and bowls everyone over with its contemporary yet quaint design. The design and the 284,000 square metre space that the centre offers, make it the perfect venue for meetings.

2. Adelaide Convention Center, Australia

Adelaide Convention Center, Australia

Image Source: Adelaidecc

This one was the first purpose-built convention centre constructed in Australia, and has now emerged as one of the world’s best event venues  in many rankings. The centre’s atrium enhances its visual appeal as it links the exhibition and plenary halls and conference and banquet areas, leaving everyone spellbound with beautiful river and garden views. The fact that it’s located in Adelaide, the 20-minute city does it to its charm, apart from making it a lot more accessible of course.

3. National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, China

National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, China

Image Source: Shqp

The exhibition venue’s four-leaf clover shape garners ocular appreciation from exhibitors and passersby from all over the world. Although claims have been made that at 500,000 square metres, this is the biggest exhibition venue in the world, what makes for an interesting observation here is that 100,000 square metres of the available space is actually outdoors. Needless to say, the venue, with its spectacular beauty and enormous size, does earn China some extra brownie points, in terms of both commerce and culture.

4. Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Image Source: Lcsd

Often described as a “giant ski ramp”, the centre opened to mixed reviews, but is now a landmark. A trip to Hong Kong warrants a visit here – come and appreciate the windowless structure of this multipurpose performance facility designed by the Hong Kong Government’s Architectural Services Department, as the single slither of glass leaves you in awe. The dances, exhibitions, operas and concerts held at the centre are believed to have impacted or rather shaped the cultural identity of Hong Kong.

5. Frankfurt Trade Fair Grounds, Germany

Frankfurt Trade Fair Grounds, Germany

Image Source: Messefrankfurt

An area of 367,000 square metres makes the exhibition venue so big that you may need a 5-minute shuttle ride from the entrance to reach the exhibition halls. No wonder it’s one of the world’s largest. Phew! What makes this centre visually appealing is that each of its composite buildings has a unique design – whether you look at the sweeping roofs of Hall 3 or the Festhalle’s  classical facade, you are to sure to fall in love with this iconic structure.


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