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How to become the go-to stand at an exhibition

Exhibitions are a great way of getting noticed – the industry insiders are there, and you have the opportunity of meeting your prospective customers – what more could you ask for. However, exhibitions are often costly, and more importantly, they warrant hard work. So, you lose a fair chunk of your marketing budget and then there’s this pressure of ensuring that the investment is well used. How do you that? By becoming the stand that everyone goes to – simple – the more the number of visitors, the better are your chances of achieving a relatively high ROI.

For visitors, the stands that they are attracted to and remember once the exhibition is over are the ones that give a clear picture – ambiguity doesn’t go down well with them – if your banners and literature don’t show them what you deal in and whether or not your offerings are the potential solutions to their (or their company’s) problems, they are more likely to give you a miss.

Easier said than done, right? Would clarity work if you are participating in a show where there are lots of contenders who offer more or less the same things as you? Well, it may, but you would still need to compete, and that’s when it gets interesting.

Think Outside The Box

Novelty sells like hotcakes. Do something that others won’t. Say, choose a theme, and ask your staff to dress accordingly, even the men. Your stand will draw a lot of attention, and who’s to say your competitors won’t be green with envy? If choosing a theme is not to your taste or you fear to become everyone’s laughingstock, find an angle that works for you. The idea is to create a buzz, no matter what it takes. If you think you can stand out with gamification – go for it. Display the results for everyone to see and make sure that the winners are handsomely rewarded. There, you now have something that others don’t – where do you think the visitors would go?

Show That You Care

Are exhibitions only about you and your business? Of course not. Make sure your stand echoes this thought – make it all about the visitors. Start off with a proper seating arrangement. Exhibitions are tiring, and if the visitors have to be on their toes, like literally, while listening to what you have to say, they would lose interest sooner than expected. Yes, chairs or other furniture could restrict the visitor movement, but the longer they are there, the more are your chances of cracking a deal. And making them stay for long is only possible if you make them feel comfortable.

Try Your Luck With Giveaways

In an ideal world, comfort and novelty would get you there, but even if they don’t, all is not lost. Freebies or giveaways usually suffice – again, do something different – don’t go for the quintessential ones, choose quirkier options. Getting them branded is also important, but that’s another story.

The endgame is to ensure that the visitors make a detour even if they were headed to another booth. If your stand stands out, they will. Pun intended!


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