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5 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Outdoor Event

An outdoor event is certainly a breath of fresh air, a much-needed one, especially if you have been exhibiting out of convention centers for long, but then, it does have its share of challenges as well, which must be addressed. Here is how you could do it, and get the most out of any outdoor event that you decide to be a part of:

Make an informed choice

Not every event can help you meet your core objectives – the objectives of participating in the first place – outdoor events are no exception – more so because they have their own limitations. For instance, if your products are more technology or engineering oriented, it’s better than you look for one of those conventional options, and give the outdoor event a miss, at least for now. There’s no point in hitting the outdoors if your objectives can’t be met. Don’t do it just for the sake of it.

Find out all there’s to know

Are there some permits that you need to acquire? If yes, then how do you apply for them? And what kind of amenities are on offer? More importantly, as you would with an indoor facility, try and develop a clear understanding of anything and everything that could be a deal-breaker; you don’t want any last-minute surprises, do you? Likewise, if there are USPs, find out; you could very well plan to cash in on them, but only if you know, right?

Have a backup plan ready

Not trying to scare you off or something, but an inclement weather could cut short your event before you even start. It’s important that you keep a tab on the weather and plan well in advance – what would you do if it rains – does your booth have sufficient coverage? And what if the event is canceled? What would you then? Is there an alternate arrangement in place? If not, think of one.

Don’t underplay

Events warrant the use of equipment – the same goes for the outdoor ones – you need lighting, sound systems, Wi-Fi and a lot of other things that should be arranged for. However, now that you are exhibiting outdoor, you may also want to take along extension cords, duct tape and sync cords – things that could really come in handy.

Make the visitors feel comfortable

Just because you are exhibiting in a relatively new environment, doesn’t mean you’d pass the buck to your visitors – they are at an event and they expect comfort – indoors or outdoors, it really doesn’t matter- give them what they want. Arrange for suitable seating and find out if the sanitation facilities have been taken care of. Oddly enough, you may also have to check the pest control status – horseflies are such a buzzkill. Do you get the drift?

Tip: Play safe; have some hand wipes and sanitizer and perhaps a bug spray on you.

Don’t be intimidated – just cover your bases, and you are good to go – Mother nature has a lot to offer – are you game?


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