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Are Fabric Displays The Game Changers That You Have Been Waiting For?

Pop up stands have been there for ages – in fact, you yourself may have used them at a couple of shows. They are good, aren’t they, but then they do have their share of disadvantages, some of which you may have experienced first hand.

– Have you ever dragged behind a 30kg pop-up stand while walking down a crowded city street, on your way to the exhibition venue? Or did you rather get it transported? If that’s a yes, did the transportation cost add to your already inflated exhibit marketing budget? Either way, wouldn’t you prefer something lighter for a change? Something that weighs far too less?

– What do you usually do when the pop up stand gets all dirty? Just wipe off with a sponge? Easier said than done, dirt and grime are okay, but could a sponge help you with the marks that result from general wear and tear? Not really. The display could use some real-time washing, if not in one of those regular or industrial washing machines, then at least by hand, if it’s way too soiled to be used at your next show.

– If you have been exhibiting for quite some time now, chances are that you already know how to assemble a pop-up, but if you are a first-timer, aligning the graphic panels could be an ordeal. Assembling a pop up stand is no rocket science, agreed, but then a little comfort never hurt anyone.

– Have you ever wondered why the back of your stand doesn’t look attractive as the front? Perhaps you do know that using more than one pop up a stand would serve the purpose, but can you really afford? Shouldn’t you opt for something with a greater deal of flexibility? Makes sense?

– Good or bad, pop up stands won’t vanish into thin air – just not yet. They are affordable, especially in comparison to other available options.

However, if you do decide to splurge a bit more, go for fabric displays – they win hands down – weighing just about 9kgs, these displays are easy to wash, can be assembled without much difficulty even if you have had no prior experience, and let you pull off a 360 degree display – basically, they are the perfect solutions to whatever challenges you face with pop up displays (including the ones already discussed).

And if your designer prints through the fabric using a heat-transfer technique instead of printing on-top of it, you could always use the stand for many more shows to come – the design won’t fade away or crack easily – win-win!


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