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3 Things To Look Forward To At Intersec 2018

Did you know that the 19th edition of Intersec, one of the world’s leading trade fair for security, safety, and fire protection, held at Dubai in 2017, saw the participation of 1304 exhibitors from all over the world? Well, now you do. And what you should also know that the 20th Edition, to be held at Dubai again, from 21-23 January 2018, is not only expected to be a lot bigger but also quite comprehensive and much more futuristic. The key players from the industry, including INIM Electronics s.r.l, would be here, and so, if you have not booked your space already, do it right away. Here are some more reasons:

Hiring the right people – Yes, Intersec 2018 is not a job fair, agreed, but it does have a job pavilion, which would bring the potential employees directly to you. And the best part is that you could be just about anyone, right from the HR Head of a security company to a headhunter, but if you are looking forward to recruiting the brightest talent on-the-spot, or are perhaps not interested in immediate recruitment but would rather build a database of prospects you could follow up with in the future, this is the place to be at. You could also be representing a recruitment or training company. In any case, you’ll be meeting as many as 32,000 professionals, and they would all be of different seniority levels, giving you the perfect opportunity to recruit for various open positions.

Witnessing the UAVs in action – Do innovative products pique your interest? Well, if that’s a yes, this is one of the shows to look forward to. Once again, Intersec would have a live demonstration area, where you’ll be seeing drones in action. Interestingly, the demonstration area at Intersec Dubai 2018 is expected to be larger than the area allocated for 2017’s show, and as an exhibitor, for you, it translates into more space to demonstrate the full capacity of your drone(s). Whether you are someone who’s an ardent advocate of drones’ use for perimeter security and intruder alerts, or on the contrary, you see them as a threat for airports, power plants and other infrastructures of paramount importance, you have to be here.

Discovering the latest trends – If you like to keep tabs on the latest technologies, do visit the Smart Home Pavilion at Intersec 2018. After all, it is here that Intersec would once again present the concept of Smart & Safe Home Automation, giving you the opportunity to know more about technologies like KNX, X10, Zigbee, EnOcean, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave. Also, the spectrum of product and innovation display here, at this pavilion, would be quite vast and is expected to encompass home security, physical security systems, alarming systems, and lighting control systems, among others. So, if you are of the opinion that the future belongs to or rather warrants “Smart Homes” – homes that are of course safe and secure, but at the same time, smart enough in terms of energy, entertainment, and accessibility, you just cannot give this pavilion a miss, not even if you are not exhibiting and are only a visitor.

In addition, do not forget to check out the SDiB Pavilion once you are here, especially if your business is a part of the building materials industry. You would find all passive fire protection solutions here – now that’s something worth looking forward to. And yes, do book your space at the earliest!


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