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Happy 2018: Embracing the ‘new’ in the new year


For most, the new year signifies hope and newness. It gives us a socially-accepted opportunity to start fresh and resolve to change for a better future.

However, factually speaking, does the new year really play a role in helping you change?

1st of January is a socially-selected date to mark the beginning of the year. New year date is different in different cultures. However, over the centuries, 1st January has become a universally accepted one. Remarkably, the generations have started perceiving it as the beginning of the time period for transformation.

The social norms have conditioned us to believe that the special day is meant for evolution at some level. We strive to bring a change. But isn’t that what hope is about?  The concept of new is transformative in human behaviour. It triggers several emotions–that of desire, ambition, curiosity and thrill.

We at XS, strive to imbibe newness, change and growth in all dimensions of our work. Growth for us is dependent on change. We choose to change everyday.

Each moment in 2017 has been a new learning: new relationships with new clients, fresh ideas for old clients, shows we participated in for the first time, our regular shows that offered us creative elements of awe.

We stepped away from traditional methods to unlock new areas of insights, perspectives and sources of growth. We were constantly in the process of keeping ourselves at pace with change. In that process, we hardly realised that we are growing.

Here is to 2017 and 2018: honouring the learnings of the old and embracing the new.

To fresh vigour, each day and each moment of 2018 and beyond.

Team XS WorldWide wishes you all a very Happy New Year.

PS: You may want to read about Julius Caesar and his influence in choosing 1st January as New Year’s Day.


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