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Here’s How Your Exhibit At Dubai Woodshow Could Yield Better Results

There are shows that only generate business, and then there are shows that go beyond the obvious – shows that let you achieve a lot more, and are not only about on-site sales and/or lead generation – The Dubai Woodshow is one such example.

In fact, it’s more of a platform, one where the Wood & Woodworking Machinery industry in the MENA region comes together, giving the exhibitors the perfect opportunity to showcase their products & services, and create brand awareness at both regional and international levels – a platform where the exhibitors get to connect with the key visitors; visitors who have the purchasing authority – a platform that facilitates interactions with the industry experts and makes it easier to keep tabs on the latest industry trends and technologies.

In short, it’s a platform that you, as an exhibitor, shouldn’t miss out on, and now that that’s been established, here’s how you could get the most out of your participation in the next edition, to be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, from 12 to 14 March 2018:

Identify your goals: Your exhibit at the Dubai Woodshow would give you access to more than 10,000 elite trade professionals from the MENA region and beyond, making the otherwise difficult task of promoting and displaying your latest products and services a lot easier. Is that what you want? Or would you be more interested in meeting suppliers, manufacturers, trade associations and institutions, and establishing new contacts? How about both? Whatever it is, make sure that you and your team know what you are out there to achieve, and you would have a much better experience.

Start early on: Your exhibit is supposed to let you engage with the prospects, right? But you don’t really have to (and shouldn’t) wait for the show to begin to connect with them; try and do that beforehand; well in advance for that matter. Use the social media to your advantage. The 2017 Edition of the Dubai Woodshow saw 9455 unique visitors, and the number is expected to rise even further in 2018. So, you have a task at hand; do it diligently. Let LinkedIn and Twitter be your aids. Follow your prospects; let them know of your participation. Should they attend the show, they must be aware of your exhibit.

Put up a good show: Your success at any show is very much dependent on how your staff behaves, how good you are at grabbing the opportunities, and whether or not you keep abreast of the latest technology – the Dubai Woodshow is no exception. Train your staff; let them know the do’s and don’ts. Plan for product demos, and see if you could also be a part of any of the speaker sessions. The idea is to make the most of your time out there, on the show floor. And yes, do everything you can to draw the crowds. You may consider putting technology to good use. With interactive screens and VR, you could easily become the center of attraction.

Whether you are a manufacturer, trader, supplier, or distributor of MDF or veneer, or you offer your services as a carpenter or architect, there’s a lot you could achieve at the Dubai Woodshow. It’s just the how that you need to work on.


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