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Projection Mapping For Your Next Trade Show Booth: Things To Know

Have you ever looked at a trade show through the visitors’ eyes? Boring, right? Way too much information and no respite. While you are out there to make new contacts and generate leads, the visitors are looking for something more than just being bombarded with information. On second thoughts, they can make do with the information, but only if it has that “wow” factor attached to it. The question is: how? The answer lies in Projection Mapping!

Projection Mapping For Your Trade Show Booth

What It Is?

It’s a technology, one that you could use to project objects onto a surface, which can be just about anything, right from a car to a huge building. The best part is that you are free to choose the level of complexity involved. Looking for something simple? Go with indoor stage effects. And if you are okay with something relatively complex, ask the exhibition stand designer make the necessary arrangements for projecting the images onto buildings and industrial landscapings.


What Is The Purpose?

Ever tried your hand at flat screen projecting? Not so impressive, right? That’s when projection mapping comes into the picture; it not only fills the void but also puts technology to some good use, turning common objects into interactive, 2D or 3D displays.


What Are The Benefits?

Bringing your brand to life is not as difficult as it seems. With dynamic video display, you can do so with ease.

Gone are the days when projecting an image onto almost any surface was a far-fetched dream. Thanks to projection mapping, it is now very much possible.

The same old graphics are not really awe-inspiring. Mapping, of course, is a good alternate, one that catches the visitors’ fancy, giving them yet another reason to come your way.

Incorporating Mapping Into Your Trade Show Booth

Depending on your industry, the kind of budget you have and the show you are to participate in, these are some of the ideas you can toy with. Options galore; take your pick.

  • Projection over a car:  Any such projection could do wonders if you exhibit at auto shows. Your company logo could be projected, giving away the impression that you probably got it painted. With the right kind of technology at use, it would be quite difficult for the visitors to figure out that they are merely looking at a digital projection.


  • A stage backdrop: Contemplating a product demonstration? Give the backdrop a unique touch with projection mapping. Have invited over a speaker to share their thoughts and insights with the visitors? Again, mapping could grab the visitors’ attention.


  • Artwork onto walls: A sure shot way of standing out from the crowd, and getting noticed. This could be a part of a well-thought-of theme, aimed at making the visitors feel as if they have walked into a museum or an art gallery, and have a lot to look forward to.


  • A 360-degree experience: Projection mapping can help you deliver an immersive audio-visual experience. Projected content, 3D illusions, preferably colorful and not monochrome, and a mirrored floor and ceiling should do the trick. The idea is to create a striking, infinity room-like experience, one that the visitors are tempted to share online, generating instant buzz for your exhibit.


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