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Loyalty Program Ideas That You Can Use At The Next Trade Show

As a business, you are always on the lookout for ways to introduce your brand and products to thousands of potential customers, and that’s the reason you participate in trade shows in the first place, right? Well, the next time you are at one, make the most of it – think of an engagement platform to ensure that the customers keep coming back to you, long after the show is over – think of a loyalty program.

Loyalty Program Ideas for Trade Show

  • On-the-spot Registration: A run-of-the-mill idea for sure, but what’s the harm in trying if it works. Get your guests to register as loyalty members, right there, at your booth. If they do, voila, you have your customer database ready. You have what you were looking for – their phone numbers. Send them discounts and promotions and turn your guests into customers for life.


Guests, most of them, come with the expectation of buying, and if your products are worth it, they’d happily spend some more time at your booth, contemplating the purchase.

It’s of course up to you how you stimulate their senses with colours, textures, tastes and sounds, and get them to stay past the elevator pitch and engage in engrossing conversations.  

  • A Modern-day Twist: Your guests are done with the old “dip-in-the-fishbowl” trick, and there’s no reason for you to hold on to it. Embrace technology and move on. Your guests already have. They’d rather play a round of raffle on your tablet, and pick a voucher or a freebie there and then. And if you were thinking of maintaining an excel spreadsheet, literally copying the contact details off the business cards, think again. With gamification, it’s now easier than ever to add more and more guests as customers to your database. Not that the business cards are a big no-no, but the lesser the better.


  • Generate Instant Buzz: Have a tablet handy, and when the guests come in, encourage them to take selfies and inadvertently promote your trade show booth – any picture they share with their friends and family could help you reach out to thousands of people who did not make it to the show. And what do they get in return? A voucher, a small discount or even a freebie – anything and everything that gives them yet another reason to be your brand ambassador.


If possible, have them include a pre-set link to your business, so as to maximize the reach of their social media post

Even some of the passive guests, those who don’t actually step into your booth, could be your biggest assets, if they agree to click a picture and post online. Again, an offer could earn you their loyalty.

  • Customize Your Offers: Use beacons if you have to, but always figure out a way to find out which all products are grabbing the guests’ attention. And if you can get your hands on individual data, there’s nothing like it. Use it to your advantage. Send on-the-spot offers in tandem with their product choice.


Something like, “Hey! Here’s an exclusive offer on the rug you were looking at. Buy Now!” would ensure that they sit up and take notice.

Trade shows can be quite overwhelming, but with the right loyalty program(s), you could cut through the noise with ease. You get what you want, and the guests have something to look forward to. It’s a win-win!


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