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Brand Storytelling At Trade Shows: The Whys And Hows

While trade shows do present you with quite a few opportunities, how many have you actually grabbed over the years? Do you even try to stand out and get the message out anymore, or like many of the other exhibitors, have made peace with the idea of getting lost in the shuffle? Well, to each his own, but getting noticed is not that difficult as it seems. All you need is a story to tell, and of course, learn the art of telling one.

Why Tell Your Story At Trade Shows?

The audience wants to get to know you on the whole, but they would love to scratch beneath the surface anyday. Brand storytelling lets them dig deeper.

  • When you tell them your story, you’ll share some of the most amazing and transformative moments within your company, and before you know, they’d drop the guard and relive your journey with you.
  • If your story also makes a mention of how your products are made, especially in case of a rather unusual but interesting process, you’ll see that they are all ears.
  • Interestingly, it may not just be you who has a story to tell. Your team and sometimes even your clients could have some engaging tales.These will pique the interest of your audience even further.  
  • The endgame may be to establish a connection or even generate a lead or two, but the more intriguing your story is, the better are your chances of building a rapport, something that could a long way in securing success.

How To Tell Your Story At Trade Shows?

For starters, make sure that your story is not only engaging but informative as well. You can’t just go on and on, without making a point.

  • Build curiosity and work on the characters of your story. Do keep the 4 C’s of communication (clarity, conciseness, completeness, and consistency) in mind while you weave your narrative.
  • Bragging is a big no-no. The audience is not there to watch you toot your own horn. They would make a detour and head to another event booth, and happily so. Also, be honest with the narrative. Lying or misleading would put you in a tight spot.
  • See if you can spark an emotional response from the audience. While no one likes a sob story, if you have something they can connect to or empathize with, there’s nothing like it.
  • Get a good booth builder on board and tell them your brand story. Once they are familiar with the elements that matter to your audience, they’ll take the cue and make sure that the design offers a compelling narrative, one that is engaging enough for your audience to stay long after the elevator pitch.

How You Can Hit It Off With A Story?

Make sure you know your own brand well before the audience gets to know you. Develop a clear understanding of what it is that you want to convey because unless you do, all you would be able to do is blabber. Here’s the thing: you do have a story to tell, every brand does; all you have to do is to find it and ensure that you polish it well. A half-baked brand story may do more harm than good!


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