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Startups Too Can Make It Big At Trade Shows: Here’s How

As a startup, it’s okay for you to be intimidated of opportunities that you are yet to explore, but do make sure that you don’t let the apprehensions stand in your way, not for long. So if there’s an upcoming trade show that you should participate in, don’t think twice before saying yes. Not to worry, you can, just like every seasoned exhibitor out there, get the most out of any show you choose to be a part of.

How Startups Can Take Full Advantage Of Trade Shows

  • Come up with a message. If you haven’t already. Trade shows are all about getting the word out, and if you don’t have anything to say, well, there’s no point in going to one. What it is that you would want to convey to the attendees? Are you clear on the objectives of participating in the first place? The answers to these questions will pretty much determine whether or not you would succeed.


  • Wait no more. Start planning right away. The longer you wait, the more difficult it could be for you to devise the perfect strategy. Trade shows call for due diligence. It’s time you get down to work. Find out all there’s to know about the competition, or better still, shift your focus to the attendees. If you know who’d be turning up, you can contemplate establishing contact beforehand and apprise them of your participation, through social media, emails and phone calls. Now’s when you can also let them know of any promotions or let’s say free giveaways. And remember, when you plan ahead, you save big on time – time that you could use to invite the key stakeholders including your investors and customers, and more importantly to make sure that there are no flaws in the booth design.



  • Invest in a good design. While startups are often tempted to make do with whatever they can their hands on, this is not the time or place to settle for less. Look for a company that knows its way around trade show stand construction, one that can design an eye-catching event booth for you, giving you an edge over the other exhibitors. If budget, however, is a matter of concern, you can always ask for a modular design. This one can be used time and again, saving you the trouble.




  • Look for reasons. Let your booth bustle with the crowd. While an easy-on-the-eyes booth may catch their fancy, the attendees won’t come your way just to appreciate the design, and even if they do, who’s to say they would stay for at least a while? Offer something of value. Make it worth their time. Anything, a giveaway, a demo, a VR experience, a free consultation, games – just make sure there’s something in it for them.
  • Don’t act like an amateur. Won’t go down well with the attendees. The way you and your staff behave is detrimental to your booth’s performance. If you appear disinterested or are rude while answering the questions, there’s no saving you. Case closed!


You may be a new company, looking forward to expanding your business, still not confident enough to step out of your comfort zone, but you have to drop the guard sooner or later. Why not do it now and let things take their own course?


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