The Trade Days At FIA 2018: Boeing Takes The Cake!

The trade days at FIA 2018 have come to an end, making way for the public show. Let’s take a look at what made it to the headlines when “business” was at the helm of affairs. The Farnborough International Airshow: Not Your Everyday Trade Show Passenger Planes and Beyond! Yes, the show does provide the…

The trade days at FIA 2018 have come to an end, making way for the public show. Let’s take a look at what made it to the headlines when “business” was at the helm of affairs.

The Farnborough International Airshow: Not Your Everyday Trade Show

Passenger Planes and Beyond!

Yes, the show does provide the biggest marketplace for passenger planes. But, it is also the perfect platform for the technologies of tomorrow. Companies look forward to billions of dollars in deals. So, they highlight the best of their technologies. FIA 2018 saw some unbelievable technologies where humans were not a part of the equation. From Insect Engineers to Black Swan, there were quite a few innovations that made heads turn.

Farnborough Air Show a testbed for aviation industry’s wilder imaginings

The Farnborough air show, best known as the year’s biggest marketplace for passenger planes, also acts as a testbed for the aviation industry’s wilder imaginings. Vying for attention with billions of dollars in jetliner deals at this year’s expo is a smorgasbord of new technologies, many seemingly intent on eliminating the human from the equation.

Boeing All The Way

Boeing claims to have outperformed Airbus at the Farnborough Airshow 2018. And well, the numbers do support their claim. The world’s largest plane maker bagged 100 more airplane orders than Airbus. But, they have to take this victory with a pinch of salt. They did not announce any orders from China. Airbus has managed to book more than 70 Chinese orders this year.

As the Farnborough Air Show ends, Boeing emerges clearly ahead

Boeing extended its already large sales lead for the year, although it has announced zero orders from China due to trade tensions while Airbus this year has booked more than 70 orders from China. Share story FARNBOROUGH, England – The business side of the Farnborough Air Show ended Thursday with Boeing winning just over 100 more airplane orders and commitments than Airbus.

Duopoly Made It Big, Yet Again

Boeing did emerge as the clear winner. But, it was the world’s commercial plane duopoly that stole the show, if we look at the bigger picture. Airbus and Boeing announced firm net orders and commitments for more than 960 planes. That’s close to $160 billion at list prices.

Airbus, Boeing gain more than 960 aircraft orders at Farnborough

Among the commitments this year are 60 additional firm orders for the A220, formerly the Bombardier CSeries, from the new US airline set up by David Neeleman. The world’s commercial aircraft duopoly once again scored big at an otherwise lackluster Farnborough Air Show with Airbus and Boeing announcing firm net orders and commitments for more than 960 aircraft, valued at $160 billion at list prices.

Of Contracts & Partnerships

FIA 2018 saw the announcement of several contracts. Many new partnerships came into the picture. A contract that became the talking point in no time was the one signed between JJ Churchill and Starrag. JJ Churchill has signed the contract for one more Starrag machining centre. The contract follows the announcement of a £70 million long-term contract with Rolls-Royce. So, it’s believed that the contract will further enhance the company’s abilities.

JJ Churchill signs Starrag contract at Farnborough Airshow – Aerospace Manufacturing Magazine

Matthew Heath, JJ Churchill’s sales manager signed the contract with Lee Scott of Starrag at the Farnborough Airshow. Following this week’s announcement of a £70 million long-term contract with Rolls-Royce, this purchase enhances the company’s ability to deliver turbine and compressor blades for civil engines in the UK and globally.

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Aircraft That Grabbed The Eyeballs

The FIA 2018 saw a spectacular display of planes, as the companies left no stone unturned. They did everything they could to impress the buyers. From Embraer to Airbus and Boeing, everyone put their best foot forward. The show did live up to its reputation of showcasing the latest. From military hardware, commercial planes and flying cars to space technology.

Farnborough Airshow: Six aircraft that are grabbing attention

Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images The 2018 Farnborough International Airshow has exhibited the latest in military hardware, commercial aircraft, flying cars and space technology. It’s also a big battle ground for aerospace giants Boeing and Airbus as they aim to win new customers.

Business:1; Political Chaos: 0

Political worries did not cast a shadow on the show. Business went on as usual. The show saw orders and commitments worth billions. This is a relief amid the political upheaval in the UK. With Brexit looming over, things could have gone south. But, they didn’t. The geopolitical chaos also did not deter the US government officials in any way.  They did their best to attract the top players in the commercial tech industry.

Deals Proliferate at Farnborough Airshow Despite Political Worries

FARNBOROUGH, England — It was business as usual — with billions in U.S. orders and commitments — at the Farnborough Airshow despite concerns that politics would cast a shadow. The show came amid political upheaval in the United Kingdom, with multiple leaders in government resigning over disagreements regarding the nation’s Brexit departure from the European Union, set to take place next year.

The Farnborough International Airshow never ceases to amaze us. FIA 2018 was no different. We saw deals worth billions of dollars. We also came face to face with the technologies of the future. And of course, the flying displays swept us off our feet. Looking forward to the next edition already. How about you?

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