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XS Worldwide creates in-person experiences with immersive and interactive technologies. Alongside this, we create captivating experiences for the audiences to dive right in and witness the magic unfold.

The Ingredients of Our Experiential Marketing Success

We have been creating experiences since 1994 and have gone through a transformational journey in technology, business, and trends with the market. To adapt to all these changes we also changed our approach from crafting exhibitions to being an end-to-end experiential marketing agency.

Through this transition, we ensured that our clients get a whole package from planning to the final execution.

We enhanced our offerings through the inculcation of innovative technology complemented beautifully with the clean structural build of exhibit spaces. This helped in generating compelling brand experiences with a melodious symphony of spaces, aesthetic looks, and a sensorial feel on the show floor.


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Our Vision and Values

To achieve something, short-term goals are significant. Though with that, an idea about the future is significant as well. It gives a purpose to your work and helps you with your current work in a better way. This can be done by setting up a vision and we too believe in the same that’s why we envision being a leader in the experiential marketing domain. 

We aim to deliver our exhibits on the show floor to retain visitors and exhibitors with memorable experiences. Additionally, we aim to expand ourselves in digitizing the future of exhibitions.

Transforming Brand Engagement: Our Mission

These days people, in general, are getting tired of being bombarded with repetitive ads and are interested in actual events or exhibits with digitized and interactive content. We with our potential to create experiences are here to change the landscape of exhibitions through the exceptional offerings that we deliver.

With an understanding of brands and the ways of presenting the same. We look forward to creating better brand experiences, increasing ROI (Return on Investment), and enhancing CX (Customer Experience).

Anurag Madaan

I believe that one thing can be represented in hundred different ways and I with my team focus on portraying the experiences differently.

Anurag Madaan, Founder of XS Worldwide
25 Years

of Crafting Experiences


Brand Experiences Created


Countries Presence

1087+ Shows

Executed Successfully

Built on a Foundation of Core Values


We always try to be unique in our approach by representing the brand in a whole new way. For that, we give a major emphasis on ideation and also brainstorm with the clients to better their representation of the products and services on the show floor.


With 25 years of experience, we have established ourselves in the industry as a renowned name across. Hence it is essential for us to maintain the trust of our clients and that is done by exceeding their expectations through our class-apart technology infused with clean architecture.


Since the environment has taken a major hit due to all the pollution that is existent. We are here with the exhibit solutions that digitize the product or service representation. This not only helps in reducing pollution happening due to transportation and carrying the goods from one place to another. However, it also saves the logistics cost that is incurred during the whole process.


With in-person events into play. We ensure that your visitors get an immersive and interactive experience to indulge in them and throughout the event they have fun. Hence we value our clients along with the attendees and accordingly create experiences that are worth the cherish.

Some of Our Impressive Track Records



At Avalon 2023, we successfully amassed global applause with impressive architecture and experiential technology led to the successful execution of the project.


Rajoo Engineers

With our digitized show floor experience, we were able to depict the machinery in a clear and immersive way and attracted lots of attendees there.



XS and Meta complemented each other at the Auto Expo 2023 to showcase the potential of advanced technology and enhanced engagement on the show floor.



With our technologies and a sense of spatial optimization. We represented the company in front of clients from across the globe at Aero India 2023.

Unveiling Our Brilliance: Discover the Faces

Anurag Madaan

MD & Founder: XS Worldwide

Anurag Madaan is a charismatic and dynamic leader who has nurtured XS Worldwide with all the love and care required. With 25 years of experience in international shows, he ensures that the company is on its path to rejuvenating and reinventing at equal intervals, to be aligned with the dynamic industry trends.

Madhvi Madaan

Co-Founder: XS Worldwide

Madhvi Madaan a visionary director who envisioned this company with a distinctive approach of making a mark with the incorporation of XS Worldwide as a  company and building it into a multi-faceted vertical-based creative and innovative organization that exudes brilliance in its work.

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