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Stand Out On the Show Floor With Our Exhibit Program

Give your brand a distinctive look and feel at the exhibit with our exhibit program, which enables you to tailor the brand experience as per the audience’s preference and generate greater ROI.

Benefits You Get After Enrolling
In Our Exhibit Program?

Our exhibit program caters to your needs by ensuring that your exhibit is
delivered on time and resonates well with the audience. We help you achieve
the same by curating a basic structural design with proper implementation at every stage.
Below are a few of our benefits that you will cumulatively obtain if you enroll in our exhibit program.

Cost Optimization

Since we have our in-house production capabilities, we craft your entire exhibit at comparatively lower costs. As a result, you spend less and get greater returns, leading to an overall hike in your revenue from exhibitions.

A Glocal Approach (Global + Local)

Before representing your brand at an exhibit, we understand the geographical culture where it's being held and customize your brand experience accordingly. This helps you connect with the audience and foster meaningful relationships with the attendees.


We fabricate your entire exhibit structure by unifying all your brand elements and crafting an experience with elegant aesthetics, spacious structural designs, and technological integration that makes for a comprehensive experience. This leads to increased footfall at exhibitions.

Brand Retention

To enhance your brand retention, we create memorable experiences on the show floor by curating an engaging ambiance to draw in greater audiences for a longer duration. This gradually increases brand loyalty, leading to greater brand retention.

Our Work

We have empowered many brands to enhance their on-floor presence with our tailor-made
exhibitory solutions under the exhibit program. Our exhibit program enhances your entire
exhibiting process and enables you to strategize your approach to represent your brand
experience on the show floor.
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What Do You Get After Enrolling in
Our Exhibit Program?

Greater ROI

We ensure a greater ROI for you by creating compelling experiences leading to a strong overall brand presence. This not only generates greater brand awareness but creates a desire in your audience to head to the purchase.

Actionable Data Insights

Using a data-driven approach, we collect and analyze visitors' data to align attendees with the experience they prefer. This enables you to offer personalized experiences, increase on-floor engagement, and gain insights by monitoring attendee user behavior.

Intricate Brand Experience

We focus on attention to detail and ensure that each and every element of your brand is highlighted and felt by the audiences when experiencing it. This fosters a lasting relationship between you and the audience.

End-to-End Exhibition Marketing Solutions

Starting from ideation to the execution of your vision at exhibitions, we cover the entire exhibiting process from start to finish. Providing you with a quality exhibit on time and keeping it on time is our priority.

Why Choose XS for the Exhibit Program?

Leave All Your Exhibition Stress to Us For a Year

Shift all your exhibition-related stress on us for a year and forget about it cause we are here to create an exhibit that demonstrates your entire brand experience aligned with the choice of your style of brand communication.

Brand Communication that Suits Your Brand Identity

We curate the brand communication in such a way that it suits your brand philosophy and identity. This enables us to design the entire exhibit aligned with your brand elements, forming a brand-themed ambiance and glorious experience for attendees.

Sorting Out What, Where & How?

We help you identify which trade show will be apt for you by doing thorough market research, creating your brand presence as per that show, and orchestrating your entire exhibit as per the theme of the trade show.

What Our Clients Think About Us

At first, we were skeptical about whether they
would be able to achieve this complex project
or not. However, when we saw their approach
to our brand, we were thoroughly impressed,
and they represented our brand in an immersive
and interactive way.
They depicted our brand intent clearly with an
optimum combination of actual graphics and
technological representation of our brand
through interactive immersion and their VR and
AR tech, which enabled our attendees to get a
tactile feel of our products.
They created an experience that attracted a lot of
eyeballs on the show floor with their immersive
and interactive technology through which we
were able to generate greater leads and ROI
at the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer in your exhibition program?

Here are a few services that we offer to enhance your brand experience: 

  • End-to-End exhibiting solutions 
  • Experiential Integration for your exhibits 
  • Trade show assistance 
  • Free Consultation

How do you incorporate new technologies and innovative design elements into your exhibits?

Before creating your brand experience, we properly research it and then evaluate the design elements that go along with it and if technology is needed for the show or not. If it’s needed or required by the brand, we accompany the entire ambiance with seamless technological integration into the same.

Can you explain your strategy for attracting and engaging attendees within a crowded exhibition hall?

From the very beginning, we ensure to engrain an element of nuance that is seen in the actual exhibit, for which we take the brand elements and see what goes along it. This enables us to align our framework with the brand’s persona, leading to dominance on the show floor in comparison to the other brands.

What measures do you put in place to track and measure the success of an exhibit in terms of brand awareness and lead generation?

With our WebAR framework baked into the web apps that visitors of our clients use, we monitor their likes and dislikes through some of the questions asked about the exhibit. Their response is recorded and then passed on to our client, and both the client and XS enable them to have a more personalized experience as per the audience’s taste.

Can the exhibit be customized to reflect our brand's unique identity and message?

No issues! You can whenever you feel like customizing your brand’s identity or message, you can do that by simply briefing us about your brand intent, and we will design your entire exhibit as per it.

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