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Privacy Policy

We ensure to protect your privacy at all costs.

Intent Behind this Privacy Policy

We, us, and our mentioned in this policy represent XS Worldwide

This privacy policy is used in your best interest to recognize your needs better and cater to them by collecting the relevant information that enhances your overall user experience. All your information remains with XS Worldwide and is ensured that it isn’t passed to anyone.

What Type of Data is Collected?

Under the personal information we collect – the type of browser you’re using, pages visited, clicks, and post-click interactions- just to monitor your interest and curate the user experience accordingly. 

Apart from this, we also collect your information to answer your requests/queries in a better way and quickly resolve them with minimal inconvenience.

We take your prior consent before sending you the promotional offerings and may use multiple digital channels to do so, like Emails, Linkedin, and other social media platforms.


We use cookies to make you remember your credentials, such as the services you’ve registered for, and to make the information the relevant information available to you. You have a choice to either reject or accept cookies. By enabling cookies, you can get access to some interactive features on the website as well. Learn more about our cookies policy.

Third-party Links

Our website may have certain third-party websites that collect and store your data and might share it with other third parties as well, like Google services and data protection, Third-party analytics, and other marketing tools. 

These are certain links you click, you allow these third parties to collect and store your data, and it’s taken to enhance your user interaction and experience or set up a meet with you spontaneously.

Since third parties collect all this data, we don’t have control over its collection or storage. Hence, we aren’t responsible for your data collection by them. We would advise you to sift through their privacy policy as well.

Methods of Collecting Your Data

Information Given By You: We collect the information you provide by filling out the forms on our website, emails, and other digital marketing platforms. Every time you register for our product or service, place an order on our website, or even head to payment, your data is collected, and we use it further to better the website’s overall user experience.       

Information that We Collect: We gather a range of data from the date and time you register, a click on the URL of our website, geographical location, page response time, and scrolling to the browser you’re using. 

How Your Personal Data Is Used?                

We assure you that we use your data for legitimate purposes only and wherever needed. Your data is generally used for marketing and advertising purposes. The data you give enables us to offer you our services in a better way and through multiple channels. 

You have all the right to withdraw the consent and opt-out from any media you want or by contacting us using your content information.   

With the help of the information provided by you, we recommend the products and services accordingly. 

The information you provide may include- your name, address, company name, phone number, and email address. 

We collect all the information in your best interest to offer you the latest updates on our products/services to improve the website’s overall operations, leading to a smooth and error-free user experience.

Promotional Offers

We may use our visitors’ information to comprehend their interests, and you receive the promotional material accordingly. We personalize the messages as per the user’s behavioral pattern so that they get the most out of our services and offers. 

Third-Party Marketing

We take your prior consent before sharing your data with other third parties and ensure that they are not misusing your data.

Opting Out

Our privacy policy is pretty flexible, so you can opt-out whenever you feel like not receiving any promotional/marketing messages. You can also stop third-party brand promotions as well.

Security and Privacy

All the information shared by you is stored on our secure servers. Your personal data is always encrypted by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and HTTPS while being transmitted to third-party websites.            

Data Retention

We hold your data as long as it is relevant to the purpose it was collected in the first place. In order to determine the appropriate period for data retention depends upon the nature, amount, sensitivity, and chances of harm to data from unauthorized sources. 

Your Legitimate Rights on XS Worldwide

You have access to the following rights as per the data protection laws for your personal data

Here are a few of them:

Right to Have Access to Your Personal Data

We give you all the right to have access to your personal data, and you can check whether your information is being processed legitimately or not.

Verify the Accuracy of Your Data

You can request that your data be corrected if you find any inaccuracies in the same. You can communicate about the rectification, and we will do it immediately.

Request Data Deletion

You can delete the data that you feel isn’t relevant for our use or if you feel like discontinuing.  

However, there would be a few pieces of information provided by you that we won’t be able to delete due to its applicability for delivering a superior quality of exhibiting services.

Right to Object

You have the full right to object if you feel that the way your data is being processed is not done rightly and suggest the changes through which we can improve our data collection process. 

Withdraw Your Consent Anytime

You can withdraw your consent anytime you feel like it and won’t be questioned. However, if you withdraw, you won’t be able to get the latest updates on our products and services. 


You will get all the privacy policy updates on our website itself. The privacy policy will be updated as per the latest updates on Google services and other third-party services. You will be timely informed regarding it through digital portals like emails and other social media portals.


You can contact us through all our social media portals, email, and on our website as well by commenting, asking questions, and requesting any information regarding your privacy policy. We assure you that we will promptly respond to all your queries on a priority basis and resolve any of your concerns.

Below are all the details you need to know:

XS Worldwide: https://xs-worldwide.com/  

Email: info@xs-worldwide.com

Phone No.: 01204-2430-034

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