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Create Luxurious Spaces With Our Corporate Chalets

We shape comfortable experiences with ample seating arrangements and proper meeting rooms for conversations with the attendees, leading to greater lead generation and conversion. This increases the ROI of our clients and leaves a lasting impression on attendees.

Our 3 I's That Can Be Extremely
Beneficial for the Brands

We offer our clients chalets that suit their meeting and conferencing needs and craft them
as per their preference. Our own 3 I approach segments your requirements systematically
and executes them precisely to offer you the best-suited chalets. To ensure its efficacy, we
carefully monitor the entire process 24/7 and present you with a spacious architecture
that’s comfortable and evenly spread out for a proper walk and talk.


At this stage, we identify all the requirements mentioned by the client and then start working on them accordingly.


Here, all the planning and ideation on the main requirement is done with proper brainstorming in conversation with the client.


After all the ideation, incubation, & decision-making, it's time to culminate everything and implement it in the exhibit timely.

Our Work

We create clean and spacious chalets that have ample seating arrangements
with attractive graphics and visuals, where we highlight the key brand elements
of our clients. This enhances their brand awareness and fosters some engaging
conversation at the corporate chalet.
corporate chalet

Take Your Branding to New Heights With Our Spacious Corporate Chalets

Ensure the comfort of your clients with proper seating arrangements and stunning ambiance.

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Our Distinctive Features that Elevate
On-Floor Presence


Our in-house production capabilities help convert your ideas into reality with our able production team crafting aesthetics on the show floor.

Strategizing & Measurement

We are there for you when it comes to planning your entire exhibit and monitoring the feedback of your audience from time to time.

Our- Proficient Team

Our design and production team curates the brand experiences from scratch by conceptualizing your idea and bringing it to life by intricately working on it.

24/7 On-Site Availability

We have 24/7 on-site availability, day or night; we are available at your service to make your booth stand out of the crowd at the exhibitions.

Why Choose XS Worldwide for Corporate Chalets?

Breaking Monotony

We let you break free of the monotony often associated with the regular exhibition floor while giving you an edge over the competition. You and your audience get to experience a taste of customized luxury. Be it a high-tea session or a gourmet meal, we get it done for you with enhanced chances of closing the deal at the exhibit itself.

Crafting Corporate Chalets Across Multiple Industries

We deliver corporate chalets across different sectors and cities, where we create some exquisite pieces of architecture to enhance the show floor engagement, leading to an everlasting relationship with the audiences. This not only creates a lasting relationship with your audiences but also creates geographic availability and awareness for them to reach the event and engage with your brand content quickly.

Fostering Meaningful Connections With Your Audience

Our corporate chalets offer you an opportunity to connect with the audiences, bring them to your exhibit, and brew some great conservations with them to get a grasp on their needs and preferences, and you can accordingly customize their experience. This lets you offer an extremely personalized experience to them, which enhances the show floor engagement and fosters memorable experiences.

Some of Our Glorious Testimonials

They crafted a massive chalet for HAL, where they showcased some of our finest works through attractive visuals through pictures and immersive displays. Apart from that, they offered comfortable seating arrangements, which offered convenience to the visitors, and this brought in a greater number of attendees at our chalet.

We partnered with XS Worldwide and created a chalet with the proper amount of information at the forefront of the chalet, which helped the visitors have a grasp of our brand and what we have worked upon. As a result, we garnered a greater amount of leads on the show floor.

They placed the graphics of our aircraft on the forefront of the chalets, which attracted a lot of attention amongst the visitors, leading to a greater show floor engagement, and adding the flag of France was a great added touch by XS.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure that the corporate chalets are customizable to suit different brand requirements and themes?

We study the brands and then orchestrate the entire exhibition space accordingly. We ensure that all the brand elements are rightly placed. We improvise only when needed and create exhibit structures pertaining to the central brand theme.

What are the key features and amenities that differentiate your corporate chalets from competitors?

The key features and amenities that differentiate us from other regular chalets are the ample seating arrangements, gourmet meals, and few quality high-tea sessions as well.

How do you ensure that the corporate chalets are customizable to suit different brand requirements and themes?

We analyze the identity of your brand and customize it as per your requirements by harnessing your brand themes and positioning it in a relevant way, leading to an increased ROI.

Can you share examples of previous corporate chalet setups that have been successfully executed for other brands?

Though we have created lots of chalets, here are examples of some of them:

  • HAL 
  • Kallman
  • Vikings 
  • Makino

Are there any restrictions on the type of furniture or equipment that can be used in a corporate chalet?

No, you can bring any type of furniture or equipment you prefer. We are open to new things and can also depict that equipment or furniture elegantly on the show floor.

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