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Elevate Your Brand Presence
With Turnkey Exhibition

We enable businesses to grow their marketing with in-person 
events. To achieve that, we offer turnkey exhibition services for all
your exhibiting needs. These contain multiple options in terms of
exhibition stands that optimize your budget and cater to your
needs as well.

Benefits of Using Our
Turnkey Exhibits Services

With ready-made exhibition spaces/turnkey booth, we give our customers a choice to customize their exhibits as per their idea of brand representation.

We offer them a range of benefits that enhance their show floor presence and acquire greater leads. Alongside this, we help establish a greater customer base, giving you an upper hand in the exhibition space.

meta turnkey exhibition booth
quick exhibit solution

Quick and Seamless Process

From putting in a request for a proposal to getting it finalized till the very end. We cover all your brand aspects at the exhibit.

turnkey exhibit strategy

Turnkey Exhibition Strategy

We are all in when it comes to consulting with the brands in terms of ideation or building your exhibits uniquely and engagingly.


End-to-End Exhibit Solutions

We handle all your exhibitor needs from start to finish and deliver all your projects in a timely manner to maintain your brand essence.

exhibition lead gen

Lead Gen

With our experiential approach to exhibitions, we are able to immerse your audiences on the show floor, leading to greater brand loyalty.

Our Portfolio & Experience in the Exhibition Industry

We have worked with over 2,500 partners across 35+ countries and have garnered great appreciation for our capable potential and timely delivery of exhibits across the globe. Having worked around different niches and sectors, we have a crystal clear idea of the whole process and how to streamline turnkey exhibition marketing so you get on-time delivery and effective brand representation.

With all the meticulous planning and focus on details, we construct hassle-free exhibition display stands catering to your needs. Our high-quality materials enable us to craft some aesthetically appealing brand experiences leading to a greater ROI and lead generation. Our Exhibit Marketing approach, in turn, leads to increased brand loyalty and prospects.

Turnkey Exhibits that Suits Your Marketing Needs

We offer a range of advanced exhibition technology that enhance your brand awareness and engagement. Choose a turnkey exhibition booth that fits all your expo/exhibition requirements. From custom build exhibits to corporate chalets, we do it all.

To give your brand a unique presence, we offer custom build exhibits that can be tailored as per your RFP. This gives you varied options in terms of exhibits to choose from and select the one that aligns with your brand.

We have a range of pavilion stands available in different designs and sizes to choose from. The stands we offer are spatially optimized and have a clean architecture to make the brands highlight their presence on the show floor.

Welcoming prominent dignitaries is no joke, and we get your concern. Hence, we create state-of-the-art chalets that are spacious and meant to provide a hospitable environment to impart a feeling in visitors of being welcomed.

Why Choose XS Worldwide as Your Exhibit Marketing Partner?

Maximize Your ROI on the Show Floor

Get a greater ROI with a favorable combination of interactive and immersive to enhance the show floor presence.

Get Spacious & Visitor-Friendly Exhibits

We create brand-themed designs with spacious aisles for visitors to roam freely and converse with each other conveniently.

Crafting Affordable Turnkey Exhibition Solutions

Having in-house production capabilities helps us in the cost-optimization of the brands, leading to greater client satisfaction.

sustainable exhibition booth design

Let’s See What Our Clients Think About Us


The way XS Worldwide showcased our brand at the show floor was nothing short of a life-like experience, resulting in more and more audience coming towards our exhibit.

turnkey mku

They represented our brand on the show floor was impressive. They delivered the whole thing intricately with a right mix of tech and spatial optimization.

Turnkey Hal

XS Worldwide showcased our aerospace machinery with an interactive 4D wall, which attracted more attendees and increased footfall at the exhibit.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a limited exhibit space, would you be able to optimize the same?

Yes, of course, that’s our specialty. We offer exhibit marketing solutions that offer both optimization and positioning your brand identity effectively.

We are a startup, and we want to enhance our brand presence. How can you make us achieve it?

With our end-to-end turnkey exhibition solutions, we enhance your brand visibility for visitors to have a grasp of your brand just from looking at it.

How do you ensure the superior quality of your exhibits?

We ensure the quality of our exhibits by constantly inspecting the brand elements on the show floor to be intact. We also regularly check the on-floor activities and quickly resolve them to accentuate the entire process.

Do you provide a free consultation in case I want to enter into an exhibit?

We offer a free consultation for turnkey expo and other exhibition shows, where we enable you to strategize your entire approach and give you clarity on how you can gain greater ROI with exhibitions.

As we know, the world is shifting towards tech. What you’re doing in that domain?

Yes, we offer our clients technologically embedded exhibitions as well, where we inculcate experiential technology, some of which include: AR sliders, projection mapping, projection-touch wall, MultiTaction table, and many more.

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