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June 3, 2019

AUSA – WB Group

  • Expo Name


  • Location

    Washington DC

  • Size

    20x20 SQF

  • Year


Open Project


WB Group aimed to maintain brand consistency and identity across various events. Our task was to create cohesive exhibit booth designs that reflected WB Group’s brand values and messaging.


Working closely with WB Group, we developed exhibit designs that aligned with the brand’s strategic objectives and maintained consistency across different events. By leveraging design elements from previous exhibits and incorporating strategic branding techniques, we ensured WB Group’s presence remained cohesive and recognizable.


The exhibit designs for WB Group at both MSPO and AUSA events successfully conveyed the brand’s identity and messaging, enhancing its visibility and impact. By maintaining consistency across different platforms, we helped WB Group reinforce its brand image and effectively engage with its target audience.

wb group ausa expo Booth Design

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