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June 3, 2019

Hartmann – Shot Show

  • Expo Name

    Shot Show 2024

  • Location

    Las Vegas

  • Size

    440 SQF

  • Year


Open Project

Hartmann required a turnkey exhibition solution that offered design flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Our objective was to deliver a comprehensive solution that met Hartmann’s requirements while enhancing the overall exhibition experience.

We provided Hartmann with multiple design renditions, empowering them to choose the most suitable option for their custom trade show display. By offering design options and pricing flexibility, we ensured transparency and empowered Hartmann to make informed decisions that aligned with their budget and objectives.


The collaboration with Hartmann resulted in the selection of an optimal design solution that effectively showcased their products and brand identity. By providing tailored solutions and accommodating their specific needs, we strengthened our partnership with Hartmann and demonstrated our commitment to delivering value-driven exhibition solutions.

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