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Covid-19 has created a much-feared state of worry in the world, but especially in our tradeshow industry. But at the same time, this state of change has created opportunities in spaces that could have never been optimized has this situation not arisen. Because of this situation, we have created a virtual platform to cater to all segments of our clients.

We created the virtual platform because we could see the impact a brand was having due to trade fairs being canceled, this is

  1. Need
  2. Benefits of going virtual (through iconography)
  3. The variety of solutions we are offering

Days when you may need our virtual event platform

With no upper limit of audiences that you may invite or upper limit of rooms that you may configure on our platform, possible uses cases of such an application are as many as that of a physical event.

Covid-19 Impact

Things looked grim these past few months. Covid-19 has created the majority of tradeshows and events to either be cancelled or postponed. This has created a black hole for branding initiatives and networking opportunities for organizations and companies to brand themselves the way they hoped they could. Fears and uncertainties concerning the Coronavirus are shaking the 2.5 trillion trade show industry from the actual events to ripple effects across the hotel, airline, environment, marketing, restaurant and other industries.

Virtual Solutions

XS has been working tediously for the past two months to create a product that could cater to our clients and the brands that are struggling to put themselves “out there”. After doing much market research and analysis, XS has decided to go virtual with the most consumer and trade show friendly product there is in the market!

Virtual Offering

Going virtual could mean many different things, but the things we could offer you to put your trust in XS, but more so, in virtual reality, is that this experience will be completely customer-centric and could become a great value addition to brand marketing activity, whether trade shows occur or not. Virtual reality is the future for every business sector possible, it just depends on how soon your brand adapts to it.


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We are here to deliver anything and everything when it comes to virtual collaborations. Want to do a company event but is restricted due to Covid-19? Or perhaps organize a trade show for an association to help connect your clients to one another? Or maybe create a virtual showroom for all the products that your clients would like to see but cannot due to travel restrictions?

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