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We Strategize, Design, and Install in Just Few Steps

Our end-to-end exhibition marketing approach
covers your entire exhibiting process from start to end.


Immersive Exhibition Marketing Solution

Enhance your customer engagement with
our immersive exhibits.

With our immersive technology, space optimization, and clean aesthetics, we engage the visitors on the show floor by creating an enriching experience. We are able to create the same with the latest tech-enabled displays blurring the gap between virtual and real.

Our exhibition marketing strategy draws in a greater audience to your exhibit and increases the overall customer experience. We ensure smooth brand communication by activating your visual and hearing senses with crisp audio-visuals to communicate your brand experience smoothly.

Data Driven Approach for Immense ROI

With our data-driven approach,
we drive an immense ROI.

Our in-house application for data assimilation and prospecting caters to our client’s needs through hard facts and data-driven measurements to make the brand, its messaging, and user journey personalized.

XS Worldwide caters to the interests of the audience at the exhibits by monitoring their usage and providing them with an experience that makes a genuine connect. As a result, it builds greater trust with your audience, which leads to greater lead conversion and recurring business for your brand.

Why Choose XS Worldwide​


Your Exhibit Ally

XS Worldwide is a credible exhibit house that empowers brands with our integrated exhibition marketing solutions and services.

We focus on design aesthetics and provide a couple of add-on exhibitory services as well, like experiential tech-enabled services and free consultation as and when required. We create and implement aesthetics with ROI driven strategies that maximizes your presence and investment on the show floor.


3 Decades of Experience

With more than 25 years of experience in generating ROI for brands by creating compelling experiences, we know the pain points of our clients.

We enhance your strengths in branding and highlight them on the show floor to attract maximum eyeballs toward your brand. By creating quality-driven experiences, we also generate greater brand loyalty, which creates a recurring number of customers for the brand.


Beyond Brand Stories

Gone are the days when marketing meant just having a good brand story that resonated with the audiences.

Nowadays, you need to make them experience the entire story to engage them completely. We do that by creating an experience with an optimum combination of spatial optimization, audio, and immersive visuals to make the experience more compelling and engaging. This generates a greater ROI & CX.

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Team Behind the Success of XS Worldwide

Wildly creative, artistic, and knowledgeable. We are designers and storytellers filled with years of useful experiences across different industries. Being an exhibition stand builder and exhibition marketing agency, we are focused on creating a more experiential future by utilizing varying technologies alongside our fellow capabilities to build solutions that evoke curiosity. We rise to each occasion to produce what’s never been done and bring a unique set of resources to the job.


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