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Grow Your Brand With Our Experiential Marketing Solutions

We offer end-to-end experiential marketing solutions that help our clients integrate cutting-edge technology, innovative brand communication and deliver memorable experiences to visitors.

experiential marketing booth

Benefits of Using Our Engagement
Marketing Services

We create immersive experience in marketing for exhibition shows with approaches that enable businesses to
enhance the attendee experience on the show floor. This gauges the audience toward
your brand experience and creates an immersive and interactive feel on the show floor.

Experiential Marketing

It’s a mix of interactive and immersive technology that makes the entire exhibition much more interactive, sensorial, and engaging- resulting in retaining visitors for a longer time frame.

Engaging Brand

A combination of advanced technology, interactive brand elements, and attractive visual graphics spread with clear space demarcation makes for an engaging brand story.


We provide well-spaced aisles as
one of our engagement marketing
feature at the exhibitions, visitors
have ample pathways to walk where
they get the brand experience that
creates opportunity for the business.


We offer spatial audio that syncs
with visuals and immerses the
visitors in the entire experience, and
offers a comprehensive feel by
attracting visitors at exhibition.

Some of Our Prestigious Clients

As an experiential marketing agency in exhibitions, we offer our clients the added advantage of
digitizing their tech and presenting something distinctive in front of their audience. Alongside
as a part of our brand experience marketing, we also assist them from beginning to the very end by
strategizing their exhibiting plan. We evaluate the campaign success, and hand over the entire exhibit on time.
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merino laminates experiential marketing
Merino Laminates
rajoo engineers experiential marketing
Rajoo Engineers
hfcl group experiential marketing booth
HFCL Group
hindustan aeronautics limited experiential marketing
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Some Authentic Services
We Offer

experiential exhibition booth design

We carefully curate your entire exhibit with an optimum combination of well-crafted spacious arrangements, high-end tech, and immersive audiovisuals, leading to greater show floor presence and ROI.

ground based marketing approach for a brand

By analyzing all your brand elements, we offer our clients an in-person environment that highlights their major brand proposition with its proper placement, where more eyeballs are to be captured.

Using our experience centers, brands can display their products/services in an informative way to the audiences by offering them some unique features on the exhibition floor.

XS for Exhibition Marketing Management
& Stand Building

Higher Return
on Investment

We leverage the technology
with our experiential marketing
strategy to create an enriching
experience that guarantees you
recurring attendees at the exhibit.

Boost the Customer

We enhance the customer
experience by making it
engaging and the talk of the
hour. This exudes meaningful
conversations on the show floor.

Services Beyond
One-time Investment

Even after the exhibitions are
over, we provide omnichannel
support 365 days a year,
which enables the brand to a
greater lead capturing.

Some Words of Appreciation from Our Clients

They delivered a combination of interactive
touchpoints and immersive displays at our
discretion, it came out pretty well. Their
experiential marketing tech was integrated

Their on-ground marketing approach enabled
our audiences to interact with a customized
experience. This enhanced our show floor by
generating greater ROI and attendee-user

They came up with the idea of depicting our
products through large displays and
technologies like AR sliders. This reduced
our logistic costs and garnered greater
audiences to our booth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you measure the success of a marketing campaign?

We measure the success of an experiential marketing campaign in exhibitions by monitoring the interests of the visitors through our data-driven approach, which we are able to gather through web apps.

What are your thoughts on the future of exhibition marketing?

We think that the future of experiential marketing seems bright due to people craving for in-person events after two years of crucial lockdown. This, combined with tech, opens a lot of opportunities for marketers to make the audience experience something different and engaging.

What technologies and innovations do you utilize to enhance show floor engagement?

Here are the technologies and innovations that we use:

  • AR Sliders for that interactive touch and immersive experience
  • Projection mapping for a customized interaction and view
  • Multitaction table for attendees to interact with the brand elements
  • LED Pillars to make the audience feel that they are part of the brand experience
  • Projection touch wall for creating an interactive experience, leading to sensorial activation in visitors.

What are some successful case studies of marketing in exhibitions you have executed for other brands in the past?

Some of our successful case studies of experiential marketing in exhibitions:

  • Rajoo
  • MKU
  • HAL

How do you ensure that our exhibition marketing campaign aligns with our target audience and resonates with them?

Before taking forward your on-ground marketing campaign in exhibitions, we identify what your target audience prefers by monitoring the experiences they are attracted to and offering them personalized ones.

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