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Sustainable Exhibition Services
for Eco-Friendly Experiences

We curate sustainable exhibition with the inculcation of sustainable
exhibition space designs and innovative tech content embedded
in such exhibits to make your entire brand experience eco-friendly.

Benefits of Sustainable Exhibit Shows

Enhance your brand presence through experiences that are
memorable and enchanting. Some of the ways for your
exhibit to achieve such benefits include:


With LEDs installed at
sustainable exhibition booth,
we can save up
to 20% of power as
compared to regular
fluorescent or halogen
bulbs. This not only saves
power consumption but
also reduces the overall
cost incurred in electricity,
leading to greater clarity
on the show floor.


We create repurposable
content by inculcating
technology in our sustainable
exhibits that can be reused
by our clients for their
brand representation for
however long they deem fit.
It’s like a corporate video but
immersive! We use less graphical
content and more experiential
content leading to reduced
paperwork on the show floor.


We use modular exhibit
structures that can further
be reused by the clients at
other trade shows or exhibits.
This makes exhibiting sustainable
and reduces the additional woodwork,
which can be a major concern
for the exhibition industry.
This leads to an eco-friendly brand
experience at an optimal price efficiency.

Our Portfolio

We have helped our clients excel at marketing by spreading their brand theme at exhibition spaces through experiential technology and aesthetic architecture. We have added few sustainable exhibition design examples below.

USA pavilion sustainable exhibition booth
USA Pavilion
Czech Airlines Technics sustainable exhibition show
Czech Airlines Technics
sustainable exhibition
Sustainable Exhibition Travel & Tourism Booth
Travel & Tourism
Constellium sustainable Exhibition Booth
sustainable exhibition stand
Ontario Canada

Why Choose XS for
Sustainable Exhibits?

Adopting Latest Sustainable Practices

We always align ourselves with sustainable practices through our eco-friendly elements, materials, and ideology to make an impact on the carbon footprint of our industry.

Enabling CSR Activities

XS Worldwide believes in enabling brands with their CSR activities, with a keen focus on sustainable exhibition as a factor in inculcation within exhibits.

Reducing the Waste

We ensure minimum wastage on the show floor by creating a clutter-free environment, leading to greater attendee engagement.

Cost Efficiency

Our exhibit warehouses’ proximity to the main exhibit hall enables fast transfer, enhancing cost efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

sustainable exhibition booth design

Let's See What Our Clients Say About Us

We had to depict our cultural significance
in a proper way with an industry that we can
highlight, Sustainable exhibition booth
captured the essence.
They represented different states and territories
of the USA with proper demarcation, and each
of them had a meaning to it. The sustainable
booth idea summarized the industry we had to
represent clearly.

Our experience with this company has been exceptional due to their strong commitment to sustainability and eco friendly exhibition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exhibitions is such a wood-hungry industry. How are you able to build booth for eco friendly exhibition?

Interesting question. Though we use woodwork, we use modular structures that can be used by our clients even after the exhibition is over for their further shows as well.

How do you make your visitors aware of maintaining sustainability?

We ensure it by conveying the importance of sustainability by making them aware of the adversity of sustainable exhibition booth with the help of technology and effective verbal interaction.

What are your plans to maintain sustainable practices in the future?

We aim to integrate as much digital presence on the show floor as we can by acquiring clients who are into digitizing their exhibit design.

Do you use paperwork at the show, or it's completely contactless?

No, we don’t use paperwork,  our exhibition space is completely contactless, and we use web apps for registration and making visitors aware of the brand.

What measures do you take to reduce energy consumption during the event?

We use LEDs instead of regular fluorescent or halogen bulbs that not only pollute the environment but are lighter on the pocket, we also try to place lights where it’s required.

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